Receive the device directly in your home or office, no additional charge


System Secure customer data 
& payments with SSL


Monthly fee with no contract and totally affordable, Yearly fee also available!


Mobile App available for iPhone and Android, and also in computer thru our platform

Frequently asked questions

What is included in my purchase?

With your purchase you are receiving:

  1. Tracking device and charger.
  2. SIM card with service activated.
  3. Username and Password ready to use
Do I need to setup the device?

No, you receive the device ready to use, no configuration is required.

Is the Protrack app paid?

It's totally free!

Will I be able to share the app with my coworkers?

You can share the username and password or create new usernames and add new devices.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can do it directly in the app or in the platform.

Do I need to buy a SIM card or data service?

No, the device already has them!

Are there any dealerships available?

Yes, it's available. just contact us

If you have an additional question or inquiry, please Contact Us



Per month

device: $139.99

  • No Contract - cancel anytime
  • No lending or rents
  • Device is you own
  • Long-life Battery
  • Lifetime Support

Our clients say

“I’m really satisfied with both device and service. They answered all of my questions about the product. Would recommend.”
Trisha Payton
Sales Executive
“I was looking for something simple and easy-to-use, and Protrack gave me just what I wanted. Protrack is a healthy alternative for people who are looking for a tracking company that doesn’t kill your wallet and offers a great set of features at the same time. Excellent product overall.”
Robert Espinosa
“I’ve had Protrack for already eight months now, and I’m really satisfied with the service Protrack has given me.”
John Underwood
“It’s amazing. All I had to do when the device got here was to turn it on, put it in my car and it was ready to go!”
Erin Hannon